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The Vintage Bus Project keeps cruising along. Here’s a quick update on what’s happened since the last time I posted:

• I made an inventory of all the random parts I have laying around. That includes Flxible name plates, vintage turn signal glass and more

• The rear wall of the bus has been removed to make more room for living space

• We received some parts that the previous mechanic failed to include with the bus. We’re still missing one wiring harness and another engine room part. Of course the mechanic that used to “work” on the bus isn’t returning calls or texts. I’ll have to catch him while he’s working his normal job to see if he’ll answer. His delays on sending any missing parts is slowing us down a bit.

• A brand new custom stainless steel fuel tank has been fabricated which should increase my fuel capacity from 100 gallons to at least 130.

• The floor next to the engine has been removed in preparation for mounting the generator. It will be mounted low in the driver’s side rear of the bus, which will make for extra storage above the unit.

Met with a paint guy in TX who used to work for Chip Foose who might do some body work on the bus. This picture is a low-quality iPhone shot of the metal flake paint job he had on his pickup truck.

• Met with my friend Sam in Boulder, CO to talk about the solar setup I plan to have installed. Sam works on large solar systems full-time. I hope to do a future blog post about what I’ve learned. The sketch above shows a bit of our brainstorm.

• I’ve been doing research on hydraulic leveling jacks for the bus and am currently planning to use Big Foot jacks.

• I’ve sourced the inverters I’ll be using and am almost ready to place my order.

Note: That’s George’s Flixble at the top of this post. We took it out for a ride while I was in Texas. We have since moved on to Colorado. For more details on what we’ve been doing aside from the Vintage Bus Project, check out my site.