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After posting yesterday’s update, I decided to drive a bit more. I ended up driving for about an hour and a half and spent the night in Cuba, MO. I didn’t actually get to sleep until after 3am. That made for a late start today.

Just outside of Cuba is Bob’s Gasoline Alley where I was greeted by a car club and had free lunch:

Just down the road from there is the world’s largest rocking chair:

For the rest of the day, I drove only 153 miles and ended up at Paris Springs, MO. This included some rather steep hills where the 1963 engine only allowed me to budge over them at around 35 mph at full throttle. I’m parked just inside the gate of the Gay Parita Sinclair gas station… I caught the owner right as he was locking up for the night:

Here’s an image of the same place from my real camera that I took last year:

Tomorrow, I want to get an early start (that means before noon) and make my way as close to Shamrock, TX as is humanly possible.

Note: All the photos shown above were taken with my iPhone