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Since the last update a few things have happened:

  • The donor RV carcass has been disposed of
  • The rims are back from the polisher. We had to get different ones because the rear end out of the donor RV had a different bolt pattern
  • The driveshaft is back from being modified and ended up being about 15” long
  • The power steering and dash air conditioning lines have been transplanted from the donor RV to the vintage bus… although they’re not hooked up yet

The mechanic said that he has someone to help him out over the next week to get the engine wired and plumbed, that “It’s getting there”, and that he plans to work on it just about every day. He now claims that it should be running (but not 100% done) by mid January… that’s a slip of two weeks from the last time I was given an estimate. From the way it sounds, it’s most likely going to take another two months get it ready to leave his shop.

FYI: I changed the date on the previous update to more accurately reflect the amount of time between updates.