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Here are a few shots of the cabinet that will be installed above our workstation booth. You can see it before and after the final finish was applied.


Here you can see the workstation booth. The last shot is one of the cabinet that will appear across the isle from the booth, which will be above the kitchen. That’s what it looks like before the wood veneer is applied. Solid wood is used on all corners and anywhere there is an opening.



Clockwise from upper left:

1) Part of the vanity that will be in the corner of the toilet room. It will have a curved sink on top of it that matches that curve radius.

2) The corder of the toilet room. The area where the wood veneer is missing will be a solid color band that is the same height as the sink and runs all the way around the room.

3) Corner cabinet. The toilet will be the the left of that and the door to the right.

4) Some pieces of the workstation booth and toilet room cabinetry being worked on outside the bus.



Clockwise from upper left:

1) The drop-down TV lift mechanism has been anchored to the ceiling above the entrance to the bus. That’s the destination sign you can see near the lower right corner.

2) The Webasto diesel-fired hydronic heater has been installed below floor level in the passenger side rear of the bus.

3) Air tanks have been installed under the floor near the front axel. They will be hooked up to the air operated entry step.

4) An electronic heater has been installed in the dash just inside the front door. That’s pointing right at Karen’s seat so she can keep warm without having to keep the entire bus too warm.



Clockwise from upper left:

1) Paradigm MilleniaOne speaker mounted in cabinet that will end up above our computer workstations.

2) view from back side of speaker.

3) upper cabinet installed with speaker grill covering speaker and doors open.

4) same cabinet with doors closed and temporary tape cabinet pulls.



View of toilet room progress. A curved corner sink will be placed above the curved cabinet and a band of corian will ring the entire room where you see raw plywood instead of wood veneer. The toilet will appear to the right of the curved cabinet and a heater will appear in the rectangular hole to the left of the same cabinet. Above the heater will be a towel bar and above that a built-in medicine cabinet. The horizontal opening in the other cannot that lines up with the wood band is where the toilet paper will be hidden.



Clockwise from upper left:

1) Wood trim and cabinet attachment strip installed above the passenger side window.

2) The back side of the cabinet that will go above our computer workstations. The black part is where shade rollers will be attached.

3) Testing fit on dual shade rollers. That will allow for one black out shade and one translucent shade.

4) That’s the wood cabinet extension that will hide the shades.



Clockwise from upper left:

1) Progress not the kitchen cabinets. Still a bunch of work to go before the main cabinet will be ready to be installed in the bus.

2) That chain/roller is part of the TV lift mechanism.

3) here you can see a bit more the the TV lift setup. That motor is in the destination sign area. We just need to rework the chain a bit to get it hidden from view.

4) The isle area just inside the entrance has changed to accommodate the custom air-operated entry step. This cavity will be used to store shoes right at the entry.


Random details, clockwise from upper left:

1) New starting battery trays have been fabricated and painted.

2) The engine starting and general electric is being organized a bit.

3) The rear wheel wells are getting boxed to help support the bed that will eventually sit atop that area.

4) Vent pipe sneaking it’s way around and up to the roof area without taking up precious space elsewhere.



If you’ve been hoping for some action shots… here ya go! Heck if I know what they’re all doing… looks like some plumbing, sealing, and fabrication.



Here you can see the kitchen coming together. Starting from the far left edge of this image:

1) Space for the shower with an inset floor for greater headroom.

2) Spot for the fridge, which will feature a top door with two lower drawers, one fridge and one freezer.

3) The upper area is for the nukerwave and to the right of that is overhead storage space. Then below you see the sink, which is mainly missing the counter top, sink, cooktop and drawers. The inset area below the nukerwave will be a spice rack.



Here, we’re in the toilet room where you can finally see the corner sink. the band of unfinished material on the surrounding walls will be filled with dark corian countertop material. The rectangular hole on the wall below and to the left of the sink will be an electronic heater. The vent at the bottom edge of the sink base is where the diesel-fired wabasto’s heat would come out.