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Acquired a new old stock entry door hinge to replace mine, which was a bit saggy. Nice to be able to source factory new parts for a bus that is older than I am.



Ordered the materials for the shower and kitchen countertop today. The light color will be used for the walls of the shower, while the dark color will be used for the floor of the shower and the kitchen countertop. I had originally ordered other colors, but the company was out of stock so I had to make a second choice.

This is solid surfacing material (similar to Corian), but it has a marbled look instead of the standard speckly look that most solid surfacing has. I ordered it from



Clockwise from upper left:

1) All the cabinet latches have been installed. This is what it looks like when they are in “drive” mode where the cabinet cannot be opened.

2) When parked, they can be extended, which unlocks the cabinet and acts like a handle.

3) On the bench with both cabinet hardware and door hardware.

4) The closet thad bathroom door hardware. We’re using flush ring pulls so they don’t extend into the hallway.



Last day of my three day training on the vintage bus’ home automation system. Details at I’m even setup to sell/install these on other buses!



Brand new rubber and felt for around all the windows and the windshields showed up this week and are currently being installed.