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Three hood ornaments from 1938 Chevy’s showed up… they will be used as closet door handles.

I also acquired a vagabond emblem from an old trailer that I need to have re-chromed before I figure out where it will appear in the bus. Our license plates say “Vagabnd”, so we thought we’d incorporate that in other areas of the bus as well.



Testing out different wood veneer possibilities for the bus. Larry mocks up areas with curves and accent lines to see what we think of them. Have to make our selection very soon.



More veneer choice examples.



The sink for the toilet room showed up today. That’s Larry holding it at the proper height and general position. There will be a cabinet below it that has the same curve.



Figured out the cabinet layout for the kitchen. Six short drawers, two double height, two 12″ wide slide out pantries on each end of the kitchen (with countertop on top to create a full C-shaped work surface when deployed). The trash will be in a slide out under the sink. The 2.5″ area at the bottom is where heating vents will be.

Still not sure what countertop material will be used.



Just picked up these ashtrays off ebay for the vintage bus. Neither of us smoke, but they could turn out to be cool trays to hold pocket change, peanuts or something else… I think I’ll get them built in to the ledge next to our workstations.