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The wall that separates the living area from the baggage bay/engine area is being installed. Clockwise from upper left:
1) Back wall is made from multiple layers including sound insulation… here the middle panel is missing.
2) Middle panel is being smoothed so that the wood veneer can be installed.
3) Panel after veneer applied.
4) Side panels with veneer. Cutout is for mini-bookshelf and cubby that is our version of a nightstand.
5) cubby for opposite wall with hole for outlets and switches.


All the window shades have shown up at the shop. There are two shades per window, one that cuts down the amount of light coming in, but still lets you see the view (like what you typically see at Starbucks, etc.) and a second that cuts all light coming through so we cal sleep or watch a movie in the middle of the day. They are all electronically controlled via our Loxone home automation system.


We’re famous!

Our bus is featured in both the table of contents and the last page of the magazine Destinations, which is a publication of the America Bus Association.

You can see the issue here: