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One that lacquer is applied, the richness of the wood really comes out. Here you can see some of the walls after the final finish is applied. The areas that won’t have veneer applied are where the refrigerator and show are located.

Check out the grain pattern match between drawers and cabinet! It’s looking great.
Clockwise from upper left:
1) Dedicated paper towel dispenser behind a door… with storage for extra rolls behind in the area between window and refrigerator.
2) Paper towel sneaking out so it could be used.
3) Front of kitchen pantry pull out receiving veneer.
4) Kitchen cabinets are installed and being detailed/finished off.
Top: view from bedroom looking forward. Notice that the wood veneer lines up on the two walls. You can see the gear closet in the distance.
Middle left: gear closet from toilet room side. The hole closest to the window up high is for the medicine cabinet, the hole on the opposite side that you can only partially see is for books and stereo equipment.
Middle Right: drawers at bottom of equipment closet one for my camera bad and one for Karen’s.
Bottom: camera bag drawers open.
Top: Windshield wiper mechanisms have been converted from air to electric. The large metal plate is actually the outside of the bus that appears just below the windshields.
Bottom left: custom air operated entry step being fabricated. The part clamped to the bench is the step, while the area raising above the table is the part that will be attached to teh bus.
Bottom right: workstation booth with access panel open. That little panel allows access to a void that would otherwise be unusable space. We try to use darn near every inch of space in the bus.