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I’m delighted to say that my 1997 40′ Liberty Prevost bus has finally sold! That means no more delays on the vintage bus project since I’ve got enough $$ in the bank to finish that project! I’ve owned the Prevost since March 17th of 2006 and used it as my full-time home up until I put it up on the market earlier this year.



I know everyone wants to know when my bus will be done. All I have to say is that now that my other bus has sold, there will no longer be any financial reasons to delay this project, so we should start seeing good progress. When will it be done? When it’s done! Time is less important than quality and livability to me. But it better be done before the winter passes, otherwise I’ll go nuts from living in a fixed place for too long.

OK, quick update: Larry didn’t like that the wood covering the TV lift above the entrance didn’t precisely match the rest of the ceiling wood. So, he searched out some veneer that did match, which took quite a while to source and redid the whole TV lift area of the ceiling. He then installed the cabinet-like pod that holds the front speakers above the windshield.



I was able to source a nice dual “burner” (known as dual hob really) induction cooktop for the bus.

This model will not be generally available until the first quarter of next year, but I talked the right person into having one hand built just for my project. It’s pretty sweet and only needs 120V AC power unlike most dual burner models which would need 240V.