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Here are some pics for all of you who like to geek out about RV systems. Clockwise from upper left:

1) Electronic dump valves x2. There’s the same setup on the opposite side of the bus so I can dump from either side.

2) Hydronic heat register… the red tubing runs to/from the webasto diesel-fired heater. This one might end up being ducted into the bedroom area, but I’m not sure.

3) Those are the brackets that will be used to mount awnings to the roof… all lined up in the group.

4) Here are two of those custom brackets on the roof in approximate position.



I spent three days visiting the vintage bus recently. I’ll post as many photos as I got. Clockwise from upper left: 

1 & 2) Here are the cabinet latches/pulls that I have chosen. They are positively latching just like what you find on yachts. When that knob is in the In position, it’s locked. It also has a secondary catch when the knob is in the out position that prevents a drawer from sliding open without a slight tug.

3) This is the type of hidden hinge that will be used for the closet doors and bathroom door. You can’t see any hint of it when the door is closed.

4) Larry and crew found a unique silicone cover for LED strip lights that eliminate the look of the individual bulbs and make it look more like a solid glowing white neon strip (that would actually be argon mercury in the old days, but everyone seems to want to call it neon, even though neon is only orange… I know how to bend neon, which is the only reason I know such useless info)

Clockwise from upper left: 

1) Greg is trying to figure out who the TV lift should work. The idea is to make it look like there is no hint of the TV when it’s in the up position and to make it look as clean as possible when it’s in the down position. That square will attach to a 42″ TV.

2) The destination sign as been removed and a new one is being created with sayings that are unique to Karen and my desires.

3) His and Her tripod and monopod storage is found inside the base of the his and her one arm sofas that are found just inside the entry door.

4) A special flat subwoofer from Paradigm speakers has been mounted to the wall between our two computer workstations.

 Clockwise from upper left: 

1) We marked out where all the roof mounted hardware will appear including awnings, air conditioners, vent fans and tank vents so we could figure out exactly how much space is left over for solar panels. From what I can tell, we’ll be able to fix 600 watts of solar on the roof. We also figured out that I can fit a 700 amp hour 24V battery bank under the bed.

2) That’s how many clamps they use to make one piece of trim. I think this is the edge of the bathroom door frame.

3) The rear bedroom wall is being installed. It’s made out of three layers of plywood with special sound deadening foam between them. There will be a removable panel in the middle just in case we need to get better access to the engine compartment.

4) Larry is starting to mock up the cabinet that will appear on the back wall of the bus. It took us quite a while to figure out the exact size and shape that would be best. That cabinet will also be use to cover up the tiny amount of the rear air tunnel that will protrude into the bedroom area.



The 50 amp electric shore cord reel has shown up at the shop. This should end up being installed at the driver’s side rear corner of the bus. Just behind the generator. The inverters will be located just above it, which will make for very short cable runs.



Clockwise from upper left:

1) rear bumper has been modified to clean up the edge since the matching side molding has been removed to clean up the look of the bus. The edge of the bumper was originally open.

2) Water filters have been moved to right next to the fresh water tank.

3 & 4) Girard roof awning has been installed and is operational.



Here you can see progress on the rail that will contain the lighting for the bedroom. There wood areas will appear just below the rear cabinet and will contain both lighting and dual roller shades. It wraps around both the rear sides and rear wall.