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The vintage bus project is slowly progressing. Since my last update, the interior of the bus has been completely stripped out and a very accurate 3D computer model has been created. That model should allow me to design the interior and decide where all the RV systems will reside. I’m currently researching multiplexing systems (where two wires can send all the control data for things like light switches and systems control features instead of having to have multiple wires for every switch and feature in the rig), high-tech lithium-ion batteries and much more. The amount of research now fills multiple 2 inch thick binders along with hundreds of digital files. This stuff isn’t too exciting for the average blog-reader, but should make for an amazingly advanced mobile living platform once the project is complete. You can view a short video that Karen made documenting the progress here.

The photo above is of my “office” while I was creating a 3D computer model of the bus… yes, that’s a toilet and a trash can.