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I’ve been out of the country for two months and have now returned. That doesn’t mean that progress hasn’t been happening on my bus though. Here’s an update on what’s been going on up on the roof, clockwise from upper left:

1) The roof has been prepped quite a while ago, but cutting the center metal beam and adding new supports framing the opening where the air conditioners and roof vents will go.

2) Two roof airs and two MaxxFan Deluxe vents have been installed. These systems will be controlled via my Loxone home automation system, so no control panels will be seen on the interior and I can change the thermostat temp while I’m away via my iPhone.

3) The inside view of the bottom of home of the air conditioners. The ACs will be ducted along with the vent fans using a custom designed cover to hide all that ugly stuff.

4) Here’s a shot of the custom cover that was taken a while ago back when it was being finished. Here you’re seeing it upside down. This will attach to the curved piece of wood you saw in the last shot and will hide all the ACs and roof vents to produce a sleek-looking interior.



The bases for the two front sofas have been modified. We were originally going to cover them with leather. After noticing that we have enough wood veneer left (all the darker veneer in the bus is from a single tree, so we can’t get anymore that would match), we decided to have the bases covered in veneer. Clockwise from upper left: 

1) The bases being disassembled.

2) Solid wood was added around the edges of all openings.

3) Wrapped in our custom wood veneer.

4) Finish applied. Once it’s dry, it should be ready to re-install in the bus.



The wiring system on the bus is progressing. In the top two shots you can see what will be found at the back of one of the closets. There are a set of double doors that have the AC circuit breakers from Blue Sea Systems on the left door (you can see the back of it on the left) and the DC fuses on the right door. The back wall of the cabinet is where you’ll find some of the Loxone home automation components. The photo in the lower right shows more of the Loxone components, which are found at the back of another closet.



The drivers area has received some attention. Clockwise from upper left:

1) The side wall of the drivers area is being constructed out of corian.

2) Some leather inserts where added to match the leather that will be used on the drivers seat, sofas and booth. 

3) A few of the original lights were added to add a retro touch.

4) A dual color (white/red light) reading light was added to the area that will hold the window shades and is found directly above and behind the driver’s head.



Progress on the shower. Clockwise from upper left:

1) The Mystera solid surfacing material is being cut to size to use on the walls of the shower.

2) A wooden form was constructed that matches the curvature of the ceiling.

3 & 4) The solid surfacing material is heated and then carefully bent to match the wooden form.