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The water inlet reel and filter have been installed and the compartment has had some insulation added. Here you see it with the bay door both open and closed.



Here you can see that they’ve made most of the two pull out pantries. The top of each of these slide out units will be covered with countertop material, so that when both are deployed, there will be a U-shaped countertop surrounding the chef.

The one near the rear of the coach will hold canned foods on one side and misc bottles, etc. on the other (like olive oil). The one near the front of the coach will serve as an appliance garage and will have outlets built in. When something needs to be used, it can be lifted onto the countertop that is on top of the pantry for better access.



Here you can see progress on the overhead cabinets. The upper two photos shows the kitchen overhead cabinets including a cutout where the microwave will live.

The second two shots are of the cabinet above our computer workstations.

The right shot in each grouping shows a hint of the cavity that is reserved for dual roller blinds. One will darken the interior while you can still see out (like the stuff used at every Starbucks), while the second will be for blacking out the windows so we could sleep or watch a movie.



Here you can see the cutout for a built-in spice rack that will be behind smoked glass doors. To the right of that is where our paper towel dispenser will be. That second spot will actually be a pullout that uses the space behind the fridge to store extra rolls of paper towels.



They’ve started to install the electric water heater beside the engine. They’re using some aluminum framing in an attempt to keep the weight down. The empty area behind should hold the diesel-fired webasto heater.



Kitchen mockup is looking good… there is not an unused inch between anything. Even have the sink dropped in (plastic wrap cover) temporarily.



I think we may have found the wood to use for the majority of the interior!



If we go with Corian in the shower, I think we’d use the two colors on the right. The black would be the accent. The other one is a bit too speckly.



Might have figured out the kitchen countertop design. The two colors you see here would be used… the black would be an edge accent and the gray would be the main color.

The side profile shows the shape of the edge of the countertop, which includes a drip rail to prevent liquids from running off the counter and down the cabinet.

The black would be used for the non-flat portion of the countertop and the gray for the main flat surface.

Still considering stainless steel as an alternative, but am thinking it’s going to be way too expensive and would have other disadvantages that is swaying me toward corian.



Exciting progress happens on the vintage bus project every day. Today, I chose the laundry basket we’ll be using! This one will appear in a slide out drawer under our bed that is accessed from the hallway.

Just about to order the awnings for the vintage bus. They will be 22’11” long with a 9’9″projection Girard G-2000’s with LED lighting along the edge. I’m going with the new motion sensors instead of the traditional wind sensors for automatic retraction in high winds. There will be one on each side of the coach on the roof, which should help to hide the ugly rooftop solar panels, roof air conditioners, vent fans and more. I’ve seen this setup on one other Flxible and it looked good, with a custom end cap that made it feel like the factory installed it. That’s the challenge… making it look like it belongs there. Check it out here:…/automatic-rv-patio-awnings/g-2000/



Progress continues, but there’s not a lot to show you.

Larry (the owner of Paradise Coach) is on vacation this week and I’ve been off presenting a few seminars and was also busy being sick.

Here you can see the base of the two sofas that will be in the front of the bus. They will slide out and meet in the center of the isle… the back cushions will fill in the gap left near the wall and it will become a bed, or a huge area to watch a movie from via the 42″ TV that will drop down from the ceiling right above the dash.

The whole thing is being built as one unit. It will be installed in the bus and then the middle beams will be cut/removed so that it doesn’t take up the full width of the bus. That’s how we’ll be sure that the two match up and align when they are slid together.