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Booth and sliding sofa base are getting mocked up.



Hallway closets and toilet room getting mocked up. The opening is for the toilet room door.



Fresh water supply hose reel got installed today. It’s under the bus just behind the drivers side wheel well.

Vintage Danish Modern silverware showed up today all they way from Denmark. That’s what will be in the drawers of the vintage bus. They are very collectable, but I was able to find a set at a reasonable price while they are usually way too expensive to acquire.
The Kohler Stages 33″ stainless steel sink showed up today. Larry is busy mocking up the kitchen where we’ve devised two pull-out under-cabinet pantries, one on each end of the kitchen. The top of each will have a countertop making for a C-shaped kitchen when they are fully deployed! Once of those will also serve as a table when watching movies from the one arm sofas that will be on each side at the front of the and can even serve as a headboard of sorts when the two sofas are combined into a bed.
We decided to use the Waste Master setup to evacuate our gray and black tanks and figured out where to store the hose. This system is much better than the standard cheap components used on most RVs. Exciting topic, huh?
Looking at wood veneer options… more to come later this week before we have to decide on which to use.
Added a ledge near the window where our workstations will be. We’ll be able to flip up the countertop near the window to access file folders and more. That ledge will also hold a heater down near our feet.
Here you can see the mockup of the microwave hanging down below the upper kitchen cabinet. Sounds like Karen is going to end up with a huge spice rack on the wall that touches the microwave. We’ve been working a bunch of the smaller details over the last few days.
Just acquired three of these never used 1938 Chevy hood ornaments that will serve as closet door handles in the vintage bus. You’ll slip your hand in that upper V-shaped area and pull to open the closet!