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Doesn’t that sound like the headline on some crazy ad? It’s not… read ahead to understand why.

I’ve been making daily calls or sending text messages to the mechanic who’s supposed to be working on the bus and have not heard a response in four weeks! The last time I actually talked to him, he said he thought it would be running by mid-January. Well, it’s mid-January right now and I can’t even get him to return my calls.

As a substitute for physical progress, I’ve been performing mental progress by researching various systems that I plan to use on the coach. Here’s an instance of a unique solution I might end up implementing:

The image shown above is of a flip seat. By using it, I can save 11 inches by having the passenger seat extend into the entryway when Karen is using it and allowing it to flip up and out of the way when we’re not on the road, which will make for a full width entryway.

Right now the plan is to use this type of seat for the passenger chair and have it mounted on top of a flip-down panel that will be used for shoe storage (the box shown below the seat in the photo isn’t necessary).

The company that makes this seat was producing a bunch of them for a limo company, but the limo company went out of business before delivery could be made. That means that they have pre-made leather versions that I can obtain at a nice discount, which will save at least $400 over using a regular seat.