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I’m flying out tomorrow to visit my coach at Paradise Coach! I should be there from tomorrow afternoon through the end of the day on Thursday. I hope to get much of the programming finished on the Loxone US home automation system as well as working out many finishing details.

Above is a recent progress pic where you can see one of the sofa bases covered in wood veneer… I was originally going to cover the bases in leather, but decided to change it once I found that we had enough wood veneer to do the job. All the veneer of this type used in the bus is from a single tree, so that it all matches perfectly.



The shop has installed the u::lux wall keypads in the bus. Clockwise from upper left:
1) Image from u::lux brochure showing the switch for scale… they are european sized, which I like much better than the standard huge American-style wall plates.
2) I’m using black glass trim plates since there is a black accent used throughout the bus… along the edge of the isle, as a band around the water closet, etc.
3) Here’s a keypad installed right next to the nukerwave oven.
4) Another one installed just above the transmission pad to the left of the drivers seat. 

The wiring is overly simple with each keypad being daisy chained to the next via ethernet. That single cable supplies power and is used to communications as well.



I’ve completed the design for the menu system that will be used on those u::lux keypads. Here is an example of how the menu navigation will be setup on just one of the keypads. Each keypad has a different setup based on where it is located and what I’d need to control from each location. There are seven keypads total on the bus.


The programming on my Loxone home automation system is progressing. Here’s an example page that is used to control one of the roof-mounted heat pumps. This has logic built-in so that special functions can easily be added, like turning on the in-floor heat if the heat pump isn’t keeping up with heating needs, etc.



I was messing with the programming on the bus’ home automation system today. I can access it from here in Florida, even though the bus is in Oregon. I spent time today organizing everything into different rooms and categories.

The interface you see here is what you’d see when controlling the bus via a web browser. The interface is automatically generated and can be viewed on any computer that has web access, or any connected mobile device like my iPhone. I can also assign different access levels, so you see a limited range of features depending on which user name and password you signed in with. That way, I might allow guests to control the lights or temperature, but not allow them into the deeper parts of the system, while I can see and control everything!