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10273131_785234481509458_4276309233429525634_oMy Epson R3000 printer was test fitted in the drawer under what will be my workstation in the vintage bus. It fits with almost no space to spare! I even have to find a 90° angle power cord to allow the drawer to close… I ordered one of those today, so I should be all set.



Here’s a fresh set of progress images. Clockwise from upper left: 
1) The wood veneer that surrounded the TV lift just above the entrance has been removed. It just didn’t end up matching the color of the rest of the ceiling enough. So, we ordered a few moor sheets to find one that will match.
2) The three doors inside the bus (toilet room, closet x2) are getting their wood veneer applied. Here you can see the veneer sitting beside one door.
3) Here’s what it looks like after the veneer has been applied, but the overhang has yet to be trimmed away with a router.
4) Solid surfacing material is being fabricated. In this case it’s the tops of the two cabinets that will appear on your left right when you start your way up the entrance steps.



Here are some shots of the solid surfacing material being fabricated for the shower base. Clockwise from upper left:
1) A small piece of solid surfacing is being glued to the edge of the base to produce a smooth curved transition between floor and side wall.
2) Here you can see a hint of the curved transition I was talking about above (right edge of material).
3) The sides of the shower base are being braced so they can be permanently adhered to each other.
4) Result with all but one side of the shower base finished. It will eventually be polished.

The color used for the shower base is the same as what will be used for the kitchen countertop and other areas such as the entry cabinets I posted earlier today. The actual color is somewhere in between the brightness shown in the two sets of photos I posted today.