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Clockwise from upper left:

1) Here you’re looking at the bedroom from the hallway where you can see the upper cabinet has had it’s finish done. The door is also done, it’s just not in place to prevent damage from working around it.

2) Looking toward the drivers side, you can see where the wood that will cover the window blinds meets the upper cabinet.

3) Looking from outside the bus on the passenger side you can see the same corner as well as the wood that goes along the back wall to connect the two window blind boxes. All the window blind boxes have strips of LEDs built in, so the back wall will also have it along the wood that connect the two sides.

4) Just another view, this time of the passenger side. These were all taken at different times, so progress isn’t the same in each.



Clockwise from upper left:

1) Workstation desktop is being fabricated with a 1″ band of solid dark wood to match the cabinets in the bus along with vertical grain douglas fur in the middle to match the ceiling.

2) Here you can see the workstation, waiting to have the countertop installed. The black area between the two sides is where the subwoofer will be installed.

3) Our computer monitor riser is shown on the table. The monitors will be attached to that while allowing more working space below.

4) Closeup of a nifty pop-up outlet that will be found on each side of the workstation booth for those times when you need some power right where you’re working.



Clockwise from upper left:

1) TV lift mechanism in the down position. A 42″ LED HD TV will eventually be installed there.

2) TV lift on its way up.

3) TV lift in the up position. They’re still working on the exact trim.

4) Here Larry is experimenting to see if I want to extend the air conditioning ducting thingie that will run the length of the bus. I had planned to have it end short of the TV. We’ll figure that out on my next visit to the shop, which is on January 30th.



Clockwise from upper left:

1) View of the kitchen drawers with their positively latching drawer pulls in the latched position. You just push them in to unlatch them, which also causes them to extend to become a usable pull.

2) Porthole getting ready to be installed in the toilet room door. Larry hasn’t installed it yet because he wants me to okay the exact position. The glass will be frosted so only light can enter/exit.

3) Drivers side closed door open all the way closing off access to the bedroom at the back. It serves that dual purpose.

4) Passengers side closed door opening to show that it doesn’t hit the first closet door, allowing them both to be opened fully. The wood veneer hasn’t been applied to the doors yet because Larry is waiting to hear which door handles I’ll be using before he finished it.



Random Details, clockwise from upper left:

1) Roof-mounted awning extended with integrated LED lighting turned on.

2) Webasto heat outlet into the water hose reel area to prevent freezing.

3) Looking up at the edge of a window from outside to show that fresh rubber moldings have been installed.

4) I really have no idea, but I’m guessing this shows the wood from the frame around a close with the hole where a closet hinge would be installed cut out. We used concealed hinges in most areas of the bus.