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The next chapter of this progress is moving along. Here’s what’s progressed since my last update:

21454_621961044503470_753365517_nThe interior has been stripped down to bare metal, any rust spots have been repaired and then the metal areas have been professionally painted.

1005249_605291706170404_2098966180_nMuch of the exterior of the bus has been modified. The clearance lights, tail and turn signal lights have all been changed to the style I desire. That means the rear went from having a round taillight and separate turn signal into having a combined arrow-shaped fixture that serves as running light, brake light and turn signal.

545195_627142940651947_54036773_nThe ceiling has been covered in vertical grain douglas fur veneer and finished with a satin  lacquer finish.

1270058_644968025536105_1133648027_oThe interior mockup has been removed and the final cabinets are being fabricated. In the image above, you can see how the wood veneer has been applied to many cabinets and walls. The grain of the wood matches between drawer faces and the surrounding cabinets.

1174687_644969118869329_397340652_nMiscellaneous mechanical work has been done as well. In the images below you can see that the air-operated windshield wiper motors have been replaced with more modern electric models and the entry step mechanism has been fabricated. 

1230098_644967322202842_1984408256_nThe kitchen cabinets are being locked down. All the drawer slides are installed and the pieces are slowly getting their wood veneer applied and installed. 

As you can see, the interior is really becoming a refined unit and simply needs a bit more time before the remainder of the cabinets are installed permanently.

I know this project seems to go on forever, but it simply takes time to create a quality interior. This should be the best Flxible bus conversion on the planet bar none when it’s done and that kind of work does not happen in a day, or week, or month… or even a year. We hope to find the end of this project near the end of winter, but are prepared to wait if it happens to take longer than that.

Remember that I update the Creative Cruiser’s facebook page much more often than this one.