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For the next three weeks or so, I’ll be away from the shop where the vintage bus is having its interior created. In that time, they should be working on a complete mockup of the interior, which we’ll review and ask for changes on before they start the finish work on cabinets, etc. it will be just a practice fit of rough cabinets, etc. to make sure we’ve got every inch accounted for and proper used. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.


Picked up a set of these fixtures that will replace the red ones found on the lower portion of the back side of the bus. Right now it has two round taillights and two round turn signals. It will end up with these two white reversing lights and then two arrow style running/brake and turn signal combo lights that say “STOP” in the middle. They’re really cool… I’m sure I posted a pic of them a while ago.



I bought this porthole off eBay today. I’m thinking of possibly using it on the toilet room door (with frosted glass) just to make it easy for someone to find, so they don’t do their duties in one of our closets which will be next door. $78 wasn’t a bad price… but it does need a little cleanup/polishing.



Here’s what it looked like when they were almost done foaming the ceiling… last time they ran out of foam, this time they didn’t.



Here’s what it looked like when they were done cutting the foam back to the frame members.



And when they started to cover the foam insulation with wood.



They’ve also started to strip the dash so it can be repainted.



The “watch your step” sign was lurking below a few layers of paint on the entry door.



They’ve fabricated the entrance surround on the left of this shot.



The dash is now stripped down to bare metal.



Their starting to put up some walls.